How to Keep Your Private Information Private

With so many people using the internet, cybercrimes being committed have also rose in number. Cybercriminals are on the rise. They take advantage of internet users that are not aware or those that don’t have security measures in place. Some of the crimes being committed include identity theft or using credit card information that they have stolen for criminal activities. You can also become a victim of cybercrime if you are not vigilant. Here are some tips to help keep your personal information especially when you access the internet often.

Never share personal information in social media

Majority of those who use the internet also use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites are good areas to meet new people, new friends, old classmates and even old acquaintances. However, these are also the places where one can become a victim of cybercrimes. So that you won’t become a victim, never post sensitive personal information in these websites. Don’t post birthdays and even complete addresses. You should remind the children to do the same because they are the ones who are fond of accessing these websites.

3Be wary of the things that you download from the internet

Always check that the source of your download is legitimate and safe. One way for criminals to steal personal information is through malwares and phishing software. In fact this is one of the most effective ways to do it because not all people are well-informed about this malicious software. Malwares allow cybercriminals to log all the activities in your computer remotely where they can view your key presses, the websites that you visit as well as the passwords that you use to log-in. Malwares can unknowingly be installed by downloading movies, files and even updates in which the malware installer is downloaded together with the needed files. Downloading from secure websites is an effective tool to fight against malwares.



Install firewall and antivirus programs



If you share your computer or laptop with the kids, always install firewall and reliable antivirus programs. These programs protect you more than you know. Firewalls protect intruders from entering your computer. There are those who try to steal information through hacking. When you setup effective firewalls, hackers would have a hard time breaking inside your computer. Antivirus programs are also valuable tools to keep sensitive information. Aside from protecting your computer from computer viruses, reliable antivirus programs also have a built-in malware detection and protection. This will protect you not only from hackers, but also from viruses, malwares, and phishing software.

5It is very important to be vigilant in keeping personal information safe and secure. While we are fond of investing on lush cars and signature clothes, it is also right to invest in programs that will keep our computers secure. It is important to involve everyone in the family in the endeavor because it would be useless to secure your computer when they are not, especially if they also use the computer that you are using. Protect yourself at all times and be consistent so you won’t become a victim of a cybercrime.

Credit Killers: 5 Biggest Blunders

Taking care of your credit may seem like a tricky thing to do. There are many instances in which you can pull down your credit scores; not paying your accounts or maxing out your credit card are a few of these. Sometimes what you thought could be beneficial for your credit is also the one killing it. Thus, it really takes an extra mile of care when dealing with your credit. To keep you from committing the same blunders that have the greatest likelihood of killing your credit scores, I’ve listed here five of the biggest mistakes you make that kill your credit.

Credit Blunder #1: Missed Payments

Missed payment, being a factor that kills your credit, is a no-brainer. A credit expert is not required to explain it to you why missing a payment has a negative repercussion on your credit rating. Credit companies would look at your credit history to ascertain your capability to pay for your credit obligations. If you frequently missed payments previously then there’s also great likelihood that you’ll miss payments in the future. Furthermore, if you habitually make late payments your credit score will be off by 60-110 points.

Credit Blunder #2: Maxed Out Credit Cards

Maxing out your credit card does not bring any good to your credit score and would deduct it by up to 45 points each cared. This is among the common blunders that a lot of people commit. To loan companies, maxing out your credit card would imply that you are thoughtless when it comes to managing your finances.

Simple Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Simple Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit Blunder #3: Closed Credit Card Accounts

If you think that closing your credit card account would help boost your credit rating then it absolutely is just a myth. Lenders and other loan companies are usually in favor to those who have long credit history. This is because those with shorter credit history are tagged as risky borrowers. You should also keep in mind that 15% of your FICO score is taken from your credit history.


Credit Blunder #4: Foreclosure

Foreclosure is another bad thing you should veer away from especially if you’re trying to get a mortgage. If you have any foreclosures in your credit history, you could lose anywhere between 85 and 160 points which is something hefty if you try to reckon. Given this circumstance, it would be hard for you to regain a good credit score.

Credit Blunder #5: Bankruptcy

Are you looking for a fast way to ruin your credit score? File for bankruptcy and you’ll right away lose up to as much as 240 points from your credit score. This is also by far the worst thing that could happen to your financial history.

Now that you learnt some of the biggest mistakes that could kill your credit, it becomes easier for you to deal with your finances and boost your credit score.

5 Leadership Lessons that 2012 Taught Us

The past year had been quite a blast for all of us. It did not only test our perseverance with the tragedies and unpredicted events that happened throughout the year, it also gave way for leaders to greatly inspire us in our ideals and goals in the years to come. Here are leadership lessons the world has learned in 2012.

1. Pass on the vision

Many had doubts and predictions as to the outcome of the company Apple, ever since its founder Steve Jobs died. Will it survive his loss? No one can tell yet for sure. But there’s one thing we can already tell. Apple will sure as hell be around for quite some time.

This is because Jobs has institutionalized the company’s vision down to the very core of its DNA. Through this, Jobs did not only live “his” vision, but also cultivated it on throughout the company for it to survive a long time without him. And based on the company’s recently launched products, it has done pretty well so far.

2. Nail the planning

The landing of Curiosity, NASA’s extraterrestrial land rover, in Mars was undoubtedly an astounding feat of the organization’s technical skill. But it wasn’t only about their show of expertise, though. NASA planned the whole mission real well.

Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons

3. Avoid the unclear deals

When HP announced that it was to give off $9 billion dollars of its investment to a company called Autonomy, which they’ve paid $12 billion two years ago, many raised their eyebrows. Although it seemed like a good deal, it was obvious that the three firms of auditors involved, even its former CEO Leo Apotheker, had no idea what they were buying.

Not only do big companies manage to meaninglessly spend their finances on this, even small businesses fail at investing on the wrong deals. That is why it is best to clear out the details before doing anything rash.

4. Not all big changes are relevant

If we remember in May, Facebook has held its initial public offering (IPO) which was one of the biggest technologic advancement in internet history. Many have anticipated this big event that was about to happen. To their dismay, it did not go as well as expected. This will serve as a lesson in itself – will these big changes actually be as important and serve their purpose? If not, don’t waste such leadership resource and do away with that project.

5. Just simply lead

As the year came to an end, the United States has witnessed probably one of the greatest leadership failures with the fiscal crisis it has experienced some time ago. During that time, political leaders have failed us with their promise of actually leading us to the right way. This, in itself, is a leadership lesson that teaches us to just lead. And lead rightly.

leadership failures

leadership failures

The past year had its ups and downs. Despite them all, what’s most important is that we have all learned a lot of things and that we are not dwelling in the past anymore.

3 Worst Food Allergies A Kid Can Get

Food allergy may be a nightmare to a kid; they can easily get allergies because of the foods they ate. These involve “immune response”. Allergen specific immune cells mistakenly see the food component as a threat to the body then they react. Symptoms include diarrhea, skin/lesions, itching, swelling, vomiting, difficulty in breathing and eczema.

Our immune system protects us from germs and disease. By making antibodies that help us fight off viruses, tiny organisms and bacteria that can make us sick. Having food allergy, our immune system mistakenly treats a certain food that would be a treat to our body.

Almost 90% cause of food allergies among children are the one that they usually eat every day, egg, milk, wheat, soy, and tree nuts. Other two commonly seen food allergies are fish and shellfish.

Here are some of the foods that can cause allergies for kids:

1. Seafoodallergy includes both fish and shellfish, they are not related. Reaction to seafood can be severe and potentially life threatening. But it can be outgrown.

seafood_1001Also high-risk of being allergic to other shellfish can be experience as well; this can be avoided anyway. Same is true to allergy to fish.

2. Milkthis is common among children, mostly infants tend to react to other milks, such as goat and sheep milk is a risk factor for developing other food allergies. If a child has allergies for milk chances are he/she may be allergic to beef.


The sugar in milk and lactose does not cause allergy. But can cause intolerance.

3. Tree Nut there is a possibility that if a child is allergic to one type of tree nut, he/she may be allergic to another type of tree nut. Tree nut and peanuts are not related foods. It is highly recommended a complete “nut free” diet in children that has this type of allergy.

Allergies can also be categorized into two classes:

1. Immediate Hypersensitivity a quick reaction of the immune system to harmless foreign substance. It will only take 5 – 15 minutes.

2. Delayed Hypersensitivity a slow reaction of the immune system, it takes two or more days for this to surface. This is a type of allergy that would cause peeling rash called “contact dermatitis”.

Other common allergies include:

  • Dust mites (tiny insects that live in dust)

  • Pollen (grass, flower and tree )

  • Mold and mildew

  • Foods

Allergic reactions to food can be prevented by avoiding it. Once a kid experiences a reaction to the food he/she ate. There will always been a cure for allergies it may come in a form oral medicines or injectables. Also our body have a unique natural remedies to help relieves allergies without causing any side effects.

3 Easy Ways to Know If Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Cheating can destroy any relationship even those that have been around for years. Finding out if your partner is cheating on you can be very challenging. You can’t expect your partner to reveal the truth to you. In most instances, you just have to do the work on your own. These 3 easy ways to catch a cheating partner won’t cost you a penny. You’ll know the truth in no time and your partner won’t have any clue that you’ve been very busy trying to uncover the truth.

1. Pay attention to details

A cheating partner will start to make excuses and find solid alibis. Stories are very elaborate so that they seem true. A clever person will even ask friends to back them up. If your partner was innocent, there’s really no need for friends to cover up. Also, they wouldn’t go through the trouble of giving so many details just to make the story seem legitimate.

Cheaters try to gain your trust by giving lots of details. Their stories sound true and they’re already ready with evidence to show that they’re not lying. Long stories that contain irrelevant details should catch your attention. Someone isn’t telling the truth. People don’t go around in circles when they’re telling the truth. They are direct to the point.

So pay attention to details. Getting too many details from your partner is a sign that he or she is hiding something from you.

2. Pay attention to body language carefully

Someone who’s lying will fidget while talking to you. They’ll start to scratch their heads and avoid making eye contact with you. Your partner will start looking in another direction. They’ll pretend to be doing something else. Keep on talking and your partner will soon become nervous and even appear awkward. Take note of your partner’s body language and you’ll know if they’re cheating on you.

83. Pay attention to responses

Cheaters usually keep on talking so you’ll ultimately believe them and drop the issue. If the story has too many details and your partner doesn’t even give you time to think, suspect that cheating is going on.

By listening to what they say and paying attention to how they respond, you can easily find inconsistencies. Ask them some other time and you can expect some details to be wrong.

9Cheaters will do anything just to hide the truth and to stay away from being caught. You don’t want someone who isn’t loyal to you. They’ll end up cheating on you over and over again. It may be hard to catch clever cheaters, but no one’s too good to be able to hide the truth forever. Don’t be fooled. You deserve someone who knows what loyalty is all about. So whenever you feel that your partner is cheating on you, pay attention to details, body language, and responses. Remember that even experienced cheaters can’t conceal their hidden agendas for long.